Castiel, angel of the trenchcoats

I'm Alaura- 19 years old. Polysexual and lonely. I'm an English major at the University of Nevada, Reno. I'm a writer who suffers from writer's block far too often but I've reached 30k words in my novel in progress. Fandom blog mostly but I post whatever the fuck I want- Superwholock and a billion other things. I'm depressed but I'm recovering. I want about 12 billion cats. Feminist. Hufflepuff. ISFP. In love with Jmo and Tat Maslany. Inbox is always open- send me shit and I will answer! Seriously, drop me a line and I'd be glad for some love. I'll also give advice whenever you need! Much love, my dearies xx


to anyone who messages me:

this is easily the most accurate post i have ever seen